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450 recettes classiques et modernes qui retracent en anglais la culture gastronomique de l’Irlande.

Le livre se compose de 15 chapitres : Eggs and dairy : scotch eggs, cream cheese with nettles... ; Vegetables : broccoli with hazelnut sauce, carrots in chicken stock with chives, curried potatoes... ; Shellfish : scallops poached in brown butter, crab with curry mayonnaise and pineapple... ; Freshwater fish : dill-cured salmon with horseradish cream, eel and onion soup... ; Saltwater fish : plaice and sea herbs, smoked coley and mussel soup... ; Poultry : chicken legs stuffed with black pudding, duck leg cooked in its own fat with parsnip and apple purée... ; Wild game : pheasant wrapped in lardo stuffed with sweet chestnuts, rabbit rillette... ; Boar and pork : pork belly with apple and clams, stout-battered sausages... ; Lamb, mutton and goat : lamb stew with carrots, mutton and laverbread with cockles... ; Beef : beef shin and barley broth, spiced ox tongue...; Breads, scones and crackers : stout and treacle bread, buttermilk scones... ; Cakes, pastries, biscuits and desserts : strawberry and rhubarb tart, brown bread and whiskey ice cream... ; Pickling and preservation : brined gooseberries, cured pork neck with seaweed... ; Stocks, sauces and condiments : fish and seaweed stock, gooseberry ketchup... ; Drinks, shrubs and syrups :rose hip cordial, birch wine...

A noter des pictogrammes indiquent si la recette est sans produit laitier, sans gluten, one-pot, vegan, végétarien, moins de 30 minutes ou moins de 5 ingrédients.

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